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19th Charity Night 2017

My Dear Friends!

Our 19th Charity Night can be considered one of our best with just over 200 participants who answered God’s appeal for help for our adopted orphans and abandoned children at Akamasoa in Madagascar!

We were blessed to welcome new people attracted to the idea of sharing God’s blessings with those who were born in a part of the world abandoned to the misery of poor living conditions.

Many months of discussion and working together behind the scenes, brought the organising committee to the moment of final


On Friday 27th of October, at 4pm two teams of volunteers entered the Parish Hall of All Saints at Liverpool to make the venue as welcoming as possible for the Saturday event…

Thanks to the caring attention of the Parish Priest, Fr Paul Monkerud, the hall was already tidy with a shining floor and kitchen ready to be filled with the ‘good things’ for Saturday night. It’s worthy of mention that since he became Parish Priest, we have felt very welcome!

TEAM I, was responsible for the kitchen, under the ‘new management’ of Georgette & Ramon Paltoo, helped by Paul Aloir, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste and Lindsay Marie-Jeanne prepared the fridge and installed two electrical ovens (on lease for the event, courtesy of Mario Iunius from International Ceramics).

On Saturday night they were joined by Nathalie & Jacques Govinden, Danielle & Gervais Joseph and Françoise & Clara Nourdine. Mario Iunius carefully ‘kept on eye’ on the provision of food to the buffet.

This year we greatly appreciated the generosity of those who provided an abundant variety of the best quality food: Nadia & Laurent Schwarz from C’est Si Bon, Paul Aloir, Marcienne Broudou, Pierre Brunet, Francesca Chow, Clivie Clement, Teresa Cuomo, Nathalie & Jacques Govinden, Sabra & Harry Hunt, Danielle & Gervais Joseph, Margaret Joseph, Patricia Joseph, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Roseby Malepa, Maryse & George Maurice, Jacqueline Mavisa, Françoise Nourdine, Eileen Noyeaux, Georgette & Ramon Paltoo, Mirella Paltoo, Monique Paltoo, Mylene Paltoo, Marina Peerbaye, Marie-Claire & Alphons Perrine, Marie Paule Sidonie, Leanne & Didier Sockeel from Ganache and Guariana Moschon & Davide Giada from Caffetteria Italia.

All the participants enjoyed real French baguettes generously offered by Florence & Steve Motte from Label Baguette.

Paul Aloir, Jeannette Beaudoin, Francesca Chow, Sinisita Filitoga, Nathalie & Jacques  Govinden, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Georgette & Ramon Paltoo, Marie Claire & Alphonse Perrine provided   items for the distribution of nourishment on the tables.Camilla Creugnet bought ice to keep sea food fresh for the enjoyment of the participants.

Wine for the guests of honour was provided as usual by Valore Cellars and Italian sparkling and flat water at all tables by Lamonica Homewares.

For the first time on all the 30 tables, one bottle of a quality red wine was donated by Carole Castellan from CDC Design & Drafting and Krystelle Vicary from Atmosphere Health Club.

TEAM II, was in charge of the hall preparation under the leadership of Jeannette Beaudoin. It was very well ‘tuned up team’ setting tables, decorating walls and pillars with the stage for DJ. All went smoothly thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers:  Steve Du Casse (with his sons: Jacques & Paris); Sinisita Filitoga; Michele & Bernard Fortin; Mario Iunius; Andrew Jelavic; Danielle & Anne Claire Joseph; Gino Martignago, Maryse & George Maurice; Jennifer, Lenell & Trudie Verity and Hélène & Jean-Louis Worobec.

Beautiful floral decorations for the tables were donated as usual by the ever faithful and generous Alvisio & Lauretta Olivieri from A & L Florist.

Gerard and Kevin Clement, installed the DJ system, transported within a truck made available by Wayne Fairweather of Collins Honda who generously lent it to facilitate the task. On the Charity Night Clivie joined Gerard for the music animation.

Our indefatigable Francesca Chow with a help of Malika & Peter De Zilva, Sharon & John McDivitt, and other friends of hers, successfully ran a stall well-stocked with Francesca’s own home made organic marmalade/jams from her own garden’s fruits, as well as beautiful carnations also from her garden and lot of boxes of many kinds of chocolates from Poland, graciously offered by Wojciech Serafin from Wawel Import Export.



On that evening, from 6 pm the guests began to slowly fill the hall welcomed by Jeannette Beaudoin and those with donations at the door, were issued receipts by Colette Cherval, Sinisita Filitoga, Lise Selvon and Sr Telesia Talalua.

Just after 7 pm Ky Chow, our MC for the event welcomed the guests of honour: Bishop Anthony Randazzo (Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney), Mrs Regina Jurkowska (General Consul of Poland), Mr Antholy Knox (Honorary General Consul of Madagascar) and his wife Suzanne, Mr Pierre-Alexandre Bianconi (Vice-General Consul of France, representing General Consul of France Mr Nicolas Croizer),  Mr John Mac Coll (Honorary Councillor of the French People Abroad in Paris; President of French Assist Charity) and his wife Chantal, Sr Telesia Talalua (assisting the sick people from Wallis and Futuna in Sydney hospitals).

We enjoyed the company of Lily Schmitt (95 years) our senior guest and Asha Marianne (9 month) the youngest among us …

Before the dinner was ready, I presented a short history of Madagascar with a description of today’s situation, pointing out at the wonderful endeavour of Fr Pedro Opeka we are helping in providing him with the financial help to ensure the education of over 13000 children…

Independent auditing from 2016 showed that our help assured about 6 months of schooling (two small bowls of rice with beans a day from Monday to Friday) and basic medication when needed.

After I expressed my gratitude to all the participants as well as to all who contributed to this event, I reminded all of the reward promised by the Lord, who said that even the glass of fresh water offered to the thirsty one will never be forgotten by Him (Mt 10:42) and whatever we do to the poorest one in the world we to it to Him (Mt 25:40).

Then His Lordship Anthony Randazzo blessed our gathering with beautiful words of encouragement to all.

During the meal, going among tables, for the first time we could enjoy incredible talents of our Illusionist (Nino) who made children laughing as well as adults with his performance.

Cecilia Abrams and Sara Aouad made a wonderful presentation with pictures of their ‘ Old Girls from Tangara’  Missionary-Charity Mission in Madagascar last July. They went for two weeks to the Archdiocese of His Grace Archbishop Benjamin Ramaroson at Antsiranana (top end of the Island) where with their own financial means and skils, they founded a beautiful educational centre for the young girls and mums.

Our Elvis (Steve Du Casse) was again a cause of much enjoyment and fun!


All pictures with date on them were taken by Jeannette Beaudoin, those without date by Pierre Bonanza (Mauritius Studio) The photos of the late Bishop Pierre Zévaco by Francesca Chow and those of ‘Old Girls from Tangara’ provided by them.  

Towards the end of the event, enjoying dessert, excitement run very high, when Creugnet Family gave away their last-minute tickets preparation to General Consul of Poland, Mrs Regina Jurkowska for drawing of the great lottery prizes first and after the lucky door one!

I’d like to thank all our prize donors and all those who bought the lottery tickets with intention of helping our poor in Madagascar and to congratulations the winners:

  1. Bowerhaus* Triple Strand White pearl necklace & matching earring set valued at $2500.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee   won by number 7338
  2. Oil painting (“Summer Gestalt” 800x660mm) by David Robert Hill valued at $1600.00 – donated by  the artist.  won by number 6174 
  3. Bowerhaus Triple Strand White pearl necklace & matching earring set valued at $1500.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee,  won by number 6094 
  4. Bowerhaus White round pearls necklace & matching earring set valued at $1000.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee, won by number 2273 
  5.  Gift Voucher  valued at $687 (3 Nights Midweek in a Superior King Room for 2, including breakfast and Dinner for 2 to the value of $60 at the Peninsula Nelson Bay) valid until 30th, from «Valore Cellars» won by number 6751 
  6.  Voucher $500.00 donated by «Cadry’s Persian Carpets Specialists» at Edgecliff valid one year. Won by number 8122 
  7.  Voucher $500.00 from Myer – donated by Nadia Fortuné, won by number 8106 
  8.  Voucher $500.00 from Lamonica Homewares at Haberfield donated by Dina & Mario Iunius from International Ceramics, won by number 1749
  9.  Gourmet hamper valued at $280.00 – donated by Guy Roose from «Apromo Pty Ldt».  Won by number 3110
  10.  Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/18; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, won by number 1531
  11. Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/18; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, won by number 5222
  12. Gift Basket valued at $150.00 – donated by «GJ Food».  Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/18; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, won by number 2704  
  1. “Dolci D’oro” humper valued at $150.00 – donated by ‘Sweet House Confectionery Pty Ltd’ , won by number 5613
  2. Oil painting (“Ghost Crab”) by Louise De Marco Jelavic valued at $120 – donated by the artist, won by number 6665 
  3. Gift Basket valued at $120.00 – donated by «Petersham Liquor Market». Won by number 1013
  4. 2 Vouchers each valued at $50.00 donated by «Ganache Pâtisserie Française» at Castlecrag, won by number 6946                                   

The lucky door prizes were provided by our generous friends: Jeannette Beaudoin, Francesca Chow, Anne-Marie Puaud, Nadia & Laurent Schwarz and Lise Selvon.

Once again, I’d like to express my gratitude to our SFRCC organising Committee… Their dedication, hard work and perseverance with God’s help, made this event such a beautiful success, without forgetting all those who came and those who contributed through their donations.

Our only expense was $500 for the Parish Hall hire.

Up today our generous response to this year appeal in details:

Donations…………………………46,185.50                                            Lottery……………………………..18,920.00                                                                                                    Participants contributions…… …18,420.00                                            Sales…………………………………2,336.50                                                                                                           TOTAL:                                            85,862.00 

Hopefully one day we all who participate in this wonderful endeavour will hear from our Lord: “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Mt 25,23). I’m sure, that there is no greater recognition that HIS!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Fr Jan


On the 3rd of January 2018  the sum of AUD 65,382.00   (EUR 40,196.85) was         transferred from SFRCC account to the Akamasoa account.

The rest of 19th Charity Night raised fund ($19980 less 10% for the administration fee, ie: $17982) will be transferred in due time from the Catholic Mission account to Akamasoa account.

18th Charity Night 2016

My Dear Friends!

After many months of preparation, our 18th Charity Night, held on 22nd of October, looks like being most of the most successful on record. We don’t have a final total yet, because still some of benefactors are contributing towards our poorest of the poor children at Akamasoa. However at this stage, we have reached $78,000+ and counting, an awesome effort!

Thanks to God, we drew over 180 people to the All Saints Parish Hall at Liverpool. I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those who brought together all their skills enthusiastically contributed to this year’s event.

Above all, we have to acknowledge the great welcome from the new Parish Priest, Fr Paul Monkerud. His sincere care for the premises being used for the event was remarkable. Since our last visit, the Parish Hall floor has been entirely redone, with the kitchen also looking good. And the garbage bins empty ready for the after-event cleaning!


On the night before, from 4.30pm to 10.30pm dozens of people came together to prepare the premises for the event.

Venues and events are often judged by their qualities of food and service they offer. Our skilled and devoted team responsible for the running of the kitchen were Marie-Claire Perrine assisted by her husband Alphonse, and helped by Paul Aloir, Marcienne Broudou, Juanita & Nabil Chidiac, Rissette Hawes, Danielle & Gervais Joseph, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Georgette & Ramon Paltoo with Anne Acosta, Chrissy Boutros and Stacey D’Silva (from the ‘Tangara Old Girls Society’). Mario Iunius did a great job ensuring the smooth flow of food between the kitchen and the buffet tables in the hall.

The generous providers of exquisite variety of food and sweets were: Nadia & Laurent Schwarz from C’est Si Bon, Marie-Claire & Alphons Perrine, Teresa Cuomo, Sabra & Harry Hunt, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Clivie Clement, Leanne & Didier Sockeel from Ganache, Thi-Phuong Loan Vu from Caffetteria Italia, and Jeannette Beaudoin. Top quality French baguettes were in abundance for all the participants thanks to the generous contribution by Florence & Steve Motte from their newly opened Label Baguette.

Wine for the guests of honour was provided by Valore Cellars and Italian sparkling and flat water at all tables by Lamonica Homewares.

Sincere recognition to Mario Iunius from International Ceramics who found us two big electrical ovens to facilitate the warming up the food for that night.

The preparation and decoration of the venue was done by skilled and dedicated team of Jeannette Beaudoin, being assisted by Steve Du Casse (with his sons: Jacques & Paris), Sinisita Filitoga, Michele & Bernard Fortin, Mario Iunius, Andrew Jelavic, Maryse & George Maurice, Emma Soler, Ghislaine et Gilbert Soler and Hélène & Jean-Louis Worobec.   Beautiful flowers bouquets decorating tables were donated by our faithful and generous Alvisio & Lauretta Olivieri from A & L Florist.

Thanks to Gerard Clement, who with his son Kevin installed their DJ system for us, with help from Wayne Fairweather from Collins Honda who lent the company truck to transport the equipment.

Our stalls were stocked with Malagasy artefacts brought to us and home made items thanks to Francesca Chow. Our silent auction, run by Sharon & John McDivitt, was furnished with gifts by Elizabeth Lee  (Bowerhaus Pearls), Robert Lamonica (Lamonica Homewares),  Frank Cupido (Hako) and Tish Pagano (Ambient Living).



On Saturday, from 6pm three young ladies: Cecilia Abrams, Gabrielle Abboud Baddoui and Maggie Goco (from ‘Tangara Old Girls Society’) were at the entrance joyfully issuing receipts for the donations of those who didn’t do it before the event.

At 7pm the Charity Night was opened by Ky Chow, our MC for the event. Fr Jan introduced and welcomed the guests of honour: His Excellency Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana (Apostolic Nuncio for Australia), Mrs Regina Jurkowska (General Consul of Poland), Mr Antholy Knox (Honorary General Consul of Madagascar) and his wife Suzanne, Mr John Mac Coll (Honorary Councillor of the French People Abroad in Paris; President of French Assist Charity), Sr Telesia Talalua (assisting the sick people from Wallis and Futuna in Sydney hospitals).

His Excellency, Mr Christophe Lecourtier (French Ambassador), Mr Nicolas Croizer (General Consul of France) and Hon. Michel Daley (MP) sent their kind apologies.

They were joined by our special guests of honour Lily Schmitt (94) and Liliane & Jean Dubourdieu (67 years of marriage). The youngest among us was Christian Shimwa Yandamutso (4 months of age) enjoying the night with his parents, siblings and aunty…

His Excellency Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana in his address in English, French, Italian and Spanish impressed us with his very wonderful and striking remainder that our charitable gesture of helping the poor in Madagascar, was not limited to that part of the world only. When we consider humanity as being a family of God, when we offer help to Akamasoa, our actions have universal impact.

Very appreciated and beautiful performance by Steve Du Casse (Elvis impersonator) ended with invitation to all to join together in prayerful expression of unity. 

Our Elvis was joined in intertaining participants by the very gifted voices of George Maurice and Clivie Clement. Clivie and her husband Gerard provideda wonderful DJ for the night. 

Worthy of mention are: Sinisita Filitoga who behind the scene helped to make the night run smoothly and Pierre Bonanza (Mauritius Studio) who kindly shared with us some of his pictures taken that night.


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After enjoyment of abundant dessert course, came time for the excitement and drama of the door prize lotteries done by Sister Telesia. Tickets were placed into the big and brand new lottery barrel given to our Charity Association by Dina & Mario Iunius from International Ceramics valued at $400.

Thank you to all our prize donors for the great lottery, congratulations to the winners:

  1. Bowerhaus Pearl Necklace/Earring set valued at $2000.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee won by number 03091
  2. Oil painting (“Megalong Valley – Blue Mountains” 890x640mm) by David Robert Hill valued at $1800.00 – donated by Elena & John Galluzzo, won by number: 00954 
  3. Microwave oven (Dedietrich DME721X) valued at $1,015.00 donated by Maeva Tokoragy from Schmidt Kitchens won by number: 00405 
  4. Bowerhaus Pearl Necklace/Earring set valued at $1000.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee won by number: 03757
  5. Gift Voucher valued at $687 (3 Nights Midweek Accommodation in a Deluxe Room for 2, including full breakfast and Dinner for 2 to the value of $60 at the Peninsula Nelson Bay) from Valore Cellars won by number: 08528 
  6. Voucher $500.00 donated by Cadry’s Persian Carpets Specialists at Edgecliff valid for one year won by number: 09095 
  7. Voucher $500.00 from Myer – donated by Nadia Fortuné won by number: 07025
  8. Gourmet hamper valued at $280.00 – donated by Guy Roose from Apromo Pty Ltd won by number: 08084 
  9. Voucher valued at $200.00 for Bella Fonte Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/17; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt won by number: 01570 
  10. Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/17; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt won by number: 08954 
  11. Voucher $200.00 from Lamonica Homewares at Haberfield donated by Dina & Mario Iunius from International Ceramics won by number: 08917
  12. Gift Basket valued at $150.00 – donated by GJ Food won by number: 09436   
  13. Dolci D’oro Hamper valued at $150.00 – donated by Sweet House Confectionery Pty Ltd won by number: 04871
  14. Gift Basket valued at $120.00 – donated by Petersham Liquor Market won by number: 07692
  15. 2 Vouchers each valued at $50.00 donated by Ganache Pâtisserie Française at Castlecrag won by number: 08342

There was much celebration from our lucky door winners, especially the lucky person who won the painting donated by herself to our Charity Night! Maybe it’s a sign!

The prizes were provided by our generous friends: Jeannette Beaudoin, Laura Diek, George Rezcallah, Fabian Marsden, George Maurice, Daniel Polo, Anne-Marie Puaud, Nadia & Laurent Schwarz, Lise Selvon, and Danielle Vesperman.

With heartfelt gratitude, I’d like to acknowledge the dedication, work and commitment of our SFRCC Committee and of all those who with God’s help, made this event such a beautiful success.

It's my pleasure to give you the details of this year fund rising to help Fr Pedro in his care for the poorest of the poor (children in majority) at Akamasoa in Madagascar:

  1. Centennial Park "Branch"…..6695
  2. Donations………………………33030
  3. Participants……………………16430
  4. Sales………………………………5154
  5. Silent Auction…………………..1390
  6. Tombola………………………..18964

                 TOTAL                                    81663

Only expense – the Parish Hall hire fee:     500 

Final TOTAL …………………………………..  81163                       

May God’s words: “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Mt 25,23) one day be our reward. There is no greater recognition that HIS!

I would like to invite all of you, Dear Friends of the poor in Madagascar, to join us with your generous hearts at our next, 19th Charity Night, wich will take place on the last Saturday of October 28, 2017 at 6.30 pm at All Saints Parish Hall in Liverpool.



A week later, for the third consecutive year, a successful Charity event dedicated to the poor children at Akamasoa took place. The event was organised by Francesca Chow in conjunction with Elizabeth Lee’s assistance and hospitality, on the 28th of October 2016.

The Spirit of generosity and solidarity with our poorest of the poor in Madagascar brought together many great ladies who enjoyed the best hospitality of Betty Lee, who offered fine quality finger food and sweets, with coffee and tea available at all time.

We are very grateful and honoured by the presence of our First Lady of New South Wales, Mrs Kerryn Baird, wife of the NSW Premier Mr Mike Baird.


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Highlights included some of the wonderful jewellery on display for sale, as well as Malagasy artefacts and valuable items brought especially for the occasion by Francesca Chow. There was also a successfully run raffle and some donations.

With a result of Branch 2016 at $6695, we can say: Deo gratias (again!), with the best wishes and all the abundance of God’s blessing upon all the participants and their families!

Fr Jan

SFRCC sent directly to Akamasoa $61,973.00 (13 January 2017)

Catholic Mission will send soon $19,190.00 less 10% for administration fee ($17,271.00)



17th Charity Night 2015

Dear Friends of Akamasoa!

After many months of activity from organising the great and ‘Lucky door’ lotteries through to the endless doorknocking of already faithful supporters and potential ones, the time came for the final ‘tune-up’!

This year, instead of the traditional last Saturday of October (31st), we were allocated the Saturday 24th October.

On the day before, from 4.30pm on, the Parish hall at All Saints in Liverpool was taken over by numerous volunteers who gave of their time and talents to prepare it for our event.

For the last 4 years Marie Claire Perrine has been responsible for the running of the kitchen (cleaning before and after the event as well as coordinating donations and the service of food). This year she was helped by her husband Alphonse, Paul Aloir, Juanita and Bill Chidiac, Marcienne Broudou, Rissette Hawes, Danielle and Gervais Joseph, Jocelyne and Hervé Juste, Yves Maugueret and Marie-Noëlle Sidonie.

The hall preparation from cleaning to decoration was coordinated by Jeannette Beaudoin with help from:  Peter De Zilva, Sinisita Filitoga, Michele and Bernard Fortin, Mario Iunius, Andrew Jelavic, Françoise and Georges Maurice, Emma and Ghislaine with Gilbert Soler and Helene with Jean Louis Worobec. 

Steve Du Casse and Gerard Clement with their sons (Jacques and Kevin) were busy installing their DJ equipment.

On Saturday morning the prizes of both lotteries were brought in and by the afternoon a whole variety of food began fill the kitchen.  Three beautiful bouquets of flowers with 15 small ones for the tables were supplied by ‘A & L Florist’ from Bossley Park. Bottles of red and white wine were donated by ‘Valore Cellars’ from Carramar. 170 Orangina bottles were provided by Ghyliane Némorin. Courtesy of ‘Lamonica’ IGA form Haberfield, every table received bottles of sparkling and still water from Italy. 

The main providers of multi-variety of food were:  Nadia and Laurent Schwarz from ‘Cest Si Bon’ patisserie at Rose Bay; Leanne and Didier Sockeel from ‘Ganache’ patisserie at Castlecrag; Teresa Cuomo from Kearns; Giada and Davide Guariana from ‘Caffeteria Italia’ at Woodpark  as well as Sabra and Harry Hunt from ‘Comfort Inn Hunt’s’.  We thanks all these people and others for their generosity.    

Our MC for the event was Sinisita Filitioga.

The evening started with very a moving message from the representative of His Grace Archbishop Amel Nona from Mosul in Iraq, Fr Joseph Kachappilly followed up with a beautifully sung opening prayer in the ancient Hebrew (Aramaic) by Reverend Subdeacon Rode Hanna.  This language, spoken by Jesus is still in use by the descendants of the first Christians from the Jewish diaspora living in Iraq and Syria.

His Excellency Christophe Lecourtier the Ambassador of France was detained in Canberra, but we enjoyed the company of Sister Telesia Talalua (attending to the sick people from Wallis and Futuna in the hospitals of metropolitan Sydney), the Honourable Michael Daley (MP) and his wife Christina, Mr Anthony Knox (Honorary General Consul of Madagascar) and his wife Suzanne, Mr John Mac Coll (honorary adviser at the Assembly of the French Abroad and the President of ‘French Assist NSW’) and his partner Aylene Fraser as well as Mr George Varughese,  Vice-Chair of Ethnic Communities Council of NSW who were among our honoured guests.

Apart from wonderful and abundant food and sweets the atmosphere of joyful celebration and familiarity was due to the outstanding performance of Steve Du Casse, the very talented/gifted impersonator of Elvis Presley.  He and his beautiful young assistants gave us a most dignified spectacle of an art filled with the message of peace and fraternity!

Steve’s testimony of a great Faith in God’s presence in his life brought to all present that night the message of Hope and serenity!

The photos from this event without date on them, published by courtesy of Pierre Brunet from "Mauritius Studio". 


[slideshow_deploy id=’1693′]


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[slideshow_deploy id=’1516′]


It is also worth acknowledging the fantastic initiative of our very talented singers:  Gerard Clement and his daughter Elsa with Georges Maurice who together with Steve Du Casse, have provided us with a concert of continuous classic and contemporary songs through the evening.

Among around 160 participants, we were happy to welcome the youngest:  Fleur Angeliue Howard (18 mounts) and the most senior couple:  Liliane and John Dubourdieu (respectively aged 90 and 92 with 66 years of married life!). Wow!!!!! DEO GRATIAS!!!

I would like also to acknowledge the preparation of 10000 lottery tickets by Ian Liddell form ‘Abian Press’ at Smithfield. 

Once again with great pleasure and gratitude to the donors of the lottery prizes and my congratulations to the winners I give you the following information: 


1. Bowerhaus Pearl necklace/earring set valued at $2000.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee; won by lottery ticket number: 02160.

2. Oil painting (“Megalong Valley – Blue Mountains” 890x640mm) by David Robert Hill valued at $1800.00 – donated by Joseph Nohra & the Artist. Won by lottery ticket number: 01426.

3. Microwave oven (Dedietrich DME721X) valued at $1,015.00 donated by Maeva & Roger Franchi from «Schmidt Kitchens» Won by lottery ticket number: 01816.

4. Bowerhaus Pearl necklace/earring set valued at $1000.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee; Won by lottery ticket number: 00051.

5. Voucher $1,000.00 from Harvey Norman – donated by Sharon & Aaron Monks from «360 Degree Marketing Group» Won by lottery ticket number: 07860.

6. Gift Voucher valued at $600 (3 Nights Midweek Accomodation in a Deluxe Room for 2 Including full breakfast at the Peninsula Nelson Bay) from «Valore Cellars» Won by lottery ticket number: 01878.

7. Voucher $500.00 donated by «Cadry’s Persian Carpets Specialists» at Edgecliff valid one year. won by lottery ticket number: 05526.

8. Voucher $500.00 from Myer – donated by Nadia Fortuné Won by lottery ticket number: 02860.

9. Panasonic TV Viera Led 32” valued at $500 from International Ceramics (donated by Dina & Mario Iunius). Won by lottery ticket number: 05073.

10. Gourmet hamper valued at $280.00 – donated by Guy Roose from «Apromo Pty Ldt». Won by lottery ticket number: 02185.

11. Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 30/03/16; donated by  Sybra & Harry Hunt. Won by lottery ticket number: 02905.

12. Gift Basket valued at $150.00 – donated by «GJ Food» Won by lottery ticket number: 09601.

13. “Dolci D’oro” hamper valued at $150.00 – donated by ‘Sweet House Confectionery Pty Ltd’ Won by lottery ticket number: 00144.

14. Gift Basket valued at $120.00 – donated by «Petersham Liquor Market». Won by lottery ticket number: 05091.

15. Dinner Voucher for two valued at $100 –  at Crown Restaurant (Coronation Club at Burwood) donated by Vijay Baboo. won by lottery ticket n70150umber: 06618.

(Drawn at All Saints Parish Hall, Liverpool – Saturday night, 24h October, 2015)

Thanks be to God for the generosity of hearts, this year we reached $73,995

The lottery brought us $19106, the silent auction $1664 and sales (event, Smithfield and Belfield) $881.

Contributions to the ‘Lucky door’ lottery came this time from: Jeannette Beaudoin, Colette Cherval, Michele Fortin, Georges Maurice, Anne-Marie Puaud, Nadia Schwarz, Lise Selvon, Emmanuelle Soler, Ghislaine Soler and Frank Spagnolo. Thanks to their generosity 25 winners went home with a ‘bonus satisfaction’ in their hands.

Worth of appreciation are also Francesca Chow looking after sales with Veronique Empeigne and Peter De Zilva.  Our first for that night silent auction was successfully run by John McDivitt and his wife Sharon. 

Our only expense was $500 for the hire of the All Saints parish hall, therefore $73,495.00 is God's blessing for Akamasoa from our 2015 charitable dedication.

The 2 November 2015 I was very moved and surprised to open a letter with an unsolicited  cheque inside from the Year 9 students from Grace Lutheran College Caboolture QLD who organised a small fundraising project to support our work among the poor at Akamasoa!

What an extraordinary example of ‘Charity without Frontiers’!!!

God bless you, Dear Friends of Jesus suffering in our needy brothers and sisters in Madagascar!

Hopefully, God willing, we will get together again next year on the fourth Saturday of October (22nd) at the same place with Fr Pedro Opeka present among us! Hopefully!

Yours gratefully in Christ:   Fr Jan


For the tax deductibility purpose $32,670.00 went through the Catholic Mission with 10% taken for the administration fee.

SFRCC sent directly to Akamasoa $40,825.00 (24 March 2015:  $6030 & 20 January 2016:  $34,795) without any administration fee because our association is based on the volunteers dedication to our Malagasy Friends in Need.  





When our 17th Charity Night on the 24th October this year was still few months away, those moved with love towards the Poor at Akamasoa were not resting!

Thursday, the 26th of February marked this year’s first step in our long journey of solidarity with Fr. Pedro and his/our Family of needed, sick and bearing the scars of all injustices, result of modern:

• deafness to the cry of the poor

• blindness in front of exploitation

• hardheartedness in front of physical and spiritual misery

Betty Lee opened largely the door of her home together with her daughter Elizabeth and Francesca Chow. They invited their Friends of the poor for the “Brunch” at Centennial Park.

It was a celebration, sharing and enjoyment in the Spirit of Life-giving Charity!

From 10am to 3pm, the place was witnessing the serene movement of persons full of compassion and generosity. They were buying the lottery tickets at the main door, spending the money for the poor rewarding themselves with precious artefacts from Madagascar, beautifully crafted by Francesca garments for small and grown children, variety of homemade jams, cookies and even delicious figs which “disappeared” almost instantly – proof of their superior quality! The paramount attraction was a room dedicated to the top of art (!) jewellery, displayed for the acquisition to the connoisseurs of fine style, artistic creation of Betty Lee and her daughter Elizabeth.

All the time participants were abundantly lavished with fried seafood and other delicacies without forgetting variety of cakes and sweets. Champagne, soft drinks, coffee and delicious tea facilitated the warm atmosphere of that gathering.

[slideshow_deploy id=’1149′]gallery 

I would like, on behalf of Fr. Pedro and his/our adopted beautiful children from Akamasoa, to express my joy and gratitude to Betty Lee and his daughter Elizabeth and Francesca Chow for faithfully, every year, organising this event as well as to all the generous participants who made this “Brunch” so successful!

The outcome is astonishing!

After five hours of ‘celebration’, this is the outcome: $4,900.00! (Lottery: $395; Sales/donations: $4,515)

Hopefully this ‘addition’ will help us to assist Fr. Pedro in his endeavour in providing education and basic health care to the poorest of the poor, our Family in God and in Humanity!

May God bless you all and may He reward one day this ‘glass of water’ we offered to the thirsty in His name (Mt 10,42)!

Yours in Christ: Fr Jan


16th Charity Night 2014

Dear Friends of Akamasoa!

I have a pleasure to inform you that our spirit of Charity is well alive! To ‘warm up’ ahead of our then approaching 16th Charity Night, on Thursday the 3rd of July, our longstanding benefactors Francesca Chow and Betty Lee, have organised at Betty’s place (Centennial Park) a half day ‘brunch’ dedicated to our children at Akamasoa in Madagascar. Abundantly furnished tables in two rooms were attracting participants to open largely their wallets acquiring beautifully crafted jewellery, nicely knitted items, jars of delicious jam and artefacts from Madagascar.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Danuta Aaron has also done great job running tombola that day. Those present, very much appreciated the refreshments provided by Betty Lee. There was variety of tasty hot and cold food with large choices of sweets accompanied with coffee or tea. That day we added $3,857.00 into our account for Akamasoa! On behalf of the beautiful and grateful children from Akamasoa: thank you ALL and may God bless you always! Fr Jan

The success of the 16th CHARITY NIGHT was the result of many months of assiduous preparation, involving lots of contacts, personal encounters and discussions…  

Thank God, we were not short of the goodwill of friends making this event a beautiful expression of unity embracing with love our Friends at Akamasoa.

As usual, at 4.30 pm on Friday the 24th of October, two teams started the preparation of the parish hall and the kitchen…

Kitchen cleaning took Marie Claire Perrine’s group of three a lot of effort to prepare the kitchen and its facilities for the night…

Jeannette Beaudoin alongside with her team took care of the parish hall decorations and setting of tables.

Saturday afternoon the food started to arrive and Gerard Clément’s DJ equipment took to the stage with the decorations brought by our soloist for the evening: Georges Maurice.

By 5pm everything was ready with Sinisita Filitoga as our MC for the evening and the welcomers at the doors to greet the guests.

The first guests began to arrive around 5.30 pm, with His Grace, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, Apostolic Nuncio, being the first. He was followed by the General Consuls of France (Mr Eric Berti) and Madagascar (Mr Anthony Knox), John Mac Coll (Honorary Councillor of the Assembly of French People Abroad) with his partner Aylene Fraser and Sebastien Vallerie (Consul Advisor – Australia, Fiji and Papua New-Guinea).

They were joined at table for the guests of honour by Sister Telsia Talalua (looking in Sydney’s hospitals after the sick from Wallis-Futuna), Father Susitino Sionepoe (Wallisian priest based in Futuna Island), PP from Liverpool: Fr Remy Lam and our most senior among participants: Lily Schmitt (aged 92) cuddling at some stage the youngest of friends of Madagascar: Joseph Talivakaola (15 months).


Our diner began at 7pm sharp with our MC welcoming our guests of honour with the grace said by His Excellency Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Paul Gallagher, thus giving us adequate time for the lovers of dance after dinner.

All the participants appreciated the variety, quality and presentation of food available which was served from two stations in the hall to facilitate the smooth running of the buffet.

Around 8.30pm George Maurice presented his repertoire for the evening, beginning with a duet with Elsa Clement giving us all the pleasure of listening to the young talent of the Mauritian Community.

Between the main meal and the dessert, I expressed my joy and my appreciation at seeing for so many faithful friends of the poor in Madagascar, who for the last 16 years have gathered together for our Charity Night. Three years ago our event provided Fr Pedro’s Akamasoa endeavour with $70000 permitting him to build ten 60m2 dwellings. Last year, we sent over $61000 providing for almost five months: rice, bins and medicaments, permitting the poor children to attend school classes and an urgent medical care for the sick.

In expectation of the installation of the new bishop in Farafangana (in order to resume our help for the poor in the South-East Cost of Madagascar), we gathered this year again for Akamasoa.

During the course of the evening there was time for dancing, for visits to the stand with beautifully presented artefacts from Madagascar and handcrafts made locally by Francesca Chow in aid of our poor in Madagascar. She has been helped with sales by Veronique Empeigne and Peter De Zilva with his wife Malika.

As usual, the lotteries were of great interest to all the present, especially to our Italian friends of the poor who bought thousands of tickets before our event. Aylene Fraser drew the great lottery and Sister Telesia Talaloa the ‘lucky door’ one.

I take opportunity here to thank our generous sponsors mentioned here below and congratulate the winners.


1. Oil painting (“South from Narrow Neck – Blue Mountains”) by David Robert Hill valued at $2500.00 –donated by Joseph Nohra & the artist. Won by lottery ticket number: 07551   

2. Microwave oven (Whirlpool AMW 737 IX) valued at $1,200.00 donated by Maeva & Roger Franchi from «Schmidt Kitchens» Won by lottery ticket number: 01791

3. Voucher $1,000.00 from Costco – donated by «International Ceramics» Won by lottery ticket number: 07051 

4. Accommodation Gift Voucher valued at $570 (3 nights in a Delux Room for two at the Peninsula Nelson Bay) from «Valore Cellars» Won by lottery ticket number: 03182 

5. Voucher $500.00 donated by «Cadry’s Persian Carpets Specialists» at Edgecliff valid one year. Won by lottery ticket number: 07460 

6. Voucher $500.00 from Myer – donated by Nadia Fortuné, Won by lottery ticket number: 04594 

7. Gourmet hamper valued at $250.00 – donated by Guy Roose from «Apromo Pty Ldt». Won by lottery ticket number: 09800 

8. Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/03/15; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, Won by lottery ticket number: 03533 

9. Gift Basket valued at $150.00 – donated by «GJ Food». Won by lottery ticket number: 08804 

10. Gift Basket valued at $150.00 – donated by “Dolci D’oro” at St. Peters, Won by lottery ticket number: 09015 

11. Gift Basket valued at $100.00 – donated by «Petersham LiquorMarket». Won by lottery ticket number: 06249 

12. 2 Vouchers each valued at $50.00 donated by «Ganache Pâtisserie Française» at Castlecrag, Won by lottery ticket number: 07821


Also with gratefulness I would like to mention the donors to the 'Lucky Door' lottery: Marie Therese Barnes, Jeannette Beaudoin, Liliane Dubourdieu, Michele Fortin, Rosa Polo, Anne Marie Puaud, Nadia Schwarz and Ghislaine Soler.

The 16th Charity Night concluded with dancing and then cleaning of the hall… Doors locked at 11.30pm and the happy organisers able to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos taken by Pierre Brunet from "Mauritius Studio" don't have a date on them. Those with a date were taken by myself (Fr Jan).

In conclusion, I would like to acknowledge the valuable contribution of the following individuals and organisations:

1. The members of the Marie-Claire Perrine kitchen friends some of them cooking/preparing food for the evening and some providing services : Juanita & Bill Chidiac, Danielle & Gervais Joseph, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Françoise & Bruno Nourdine, Marie Claire & Alphonse Perrine, Joanne & Nicleys Perrine, Patricia & Ralph Pudman, Noëlle Sidonie & Yves Maugheret and Marie Claire & Noël Theophile. Special thanks also to Nadia & Laurent Schwarz from ‘C’est Si Bon’ at Rose Bay, to Leanne & Didier Sockeel from ‘Ganache’ at Castlecrag, to Francesca Chow and her generous friends (Sybra & Harry Hunt, Teresa Cuomo), Dina & Mario Iunius from ‘International Ceramics'.

2. The members of Jeannette Beaudoin team: Sinisita Filitoga, Michel & Bernard Fortin, Mario Iunius, Andrew Jelavic, Maryse & Georges Maurice, Ghyliane Nemorin, Shaun Nemorin, Ghislaine & Gilbert Soler, Emmauelle Soler and Helene & Jean Louis Worobec.

3. Sinisita Filitoga for her role as MC.

4. Gerard Glement and his son Kevin for accompanying us with music.

5. Worth of appreciation are also:

• ‘Abian Press’ for their help in preparing 10000 great lottery tickets,

• ‘A&L Florist’ for providing beautiful bouquets of flowers for the tables,

• ‘Flavours from Afar’ for abundance of orangina and variety of  lemonade bottles on all tables with beautiful souvenirs of handy bottle openers and hundreds of round boxes of very tasty smal lolly drops. 

• ‘Valore Cellars’ for offering a dozen of white and red wine bottles for the table of our guests of honour.

Thank God, response to our appeal has been very gratious!

This is a breakdown of our fund raising activities in relation to the 16th Charity Night:

– brunch (F.Chow/B.Lee):      3,857.00

– donations:                          33,674.16

– lottery:                                18,866.00

– participants’ contributions: 13,500.00

– sales:                                   2,754.95

Total:                                    72,652.11

Our only expense: Parish Hall hire 500.00 sponsored partially ($300) by Abruzzi Association of NSW.

Final Total for this 16th Charity Night appeal: 72,152.11

Once again, gratefully in Christ to ALL: Fr Jan


The sum of $30,125.91 was transfered on Friday 16th January into the account of Caritas Madagascar in Antananarivo, and then into the fund of Akamasoa.

After deduction of administration fee the Catholic Mission transfered directly into the Akamasoa fund: $38,196.00 ($37,000.00 on 15th March and $1196.00 on 24th March) 

* 5% of fee apply to the donations from January to April 2014 ($7460) and 10% from May to December 2014 ($34,539.20).


15th Charity Night 2013

As for the last fifteen years, the day before Charity Night, at 4.30pm, about a dozen of persons: members of the Committee with some volunteers, made themselves ready to prepare the parish hall for the Banquet of Human Goodness!

This year, on the 25th October, the two teams were ready for action:  one under the guidance of Marie-Claire Perrine took into their hands the cleaning of the kitchen, when the second one with Jeannette Beaudoin in charge, took responsibility for the preparation of the tables and the decoration of the hall. Both of them having in mind the welcome of up to 250 people.

[slideshow_deploy id=’193′]

The presence of Fr Pedro Opeka that evening brought new sparks of enthusiasm into action!

Doing things which matter in God’s eyes and doing it out of love for the poorest of the poor who have a privileged place in the Heart of God, brings joy and peace to those involved.

By 10pm the kitchen and the hall were ready for Saturday’s event.
The kitchen was shining with freshness and the hall was filled up with beautifully decorated stage and furnished tables. The tables covered with white tablecloths and red plate-mats, were twinkling through beautiful tiny bouquet or alternatively a colorful candle in the middle of it and at the same time, attracting attention with cans of orangina drinks and bottles of water among the cups and glasses ready to be filled up with a ‘good staff’! The orangina cans were given by our generous friends: Ghyliane and Gaëtan Némorin from “ Flavours From Afar”.

Flowers on the tables were offered by our longtime friends of this Night from ‘A&L Florist’ at Bossley Park and wine for the guests of honour came from the generosity of ‘Valore Cellars’ at Carramar.

Saturday the 26th of October in the morning, all prizes of the great lottery as well as the ‘lucky door’ were brought into place…  From 3pm activities could be detected around the kitchen. Little bit later on, DJ specialists: Clivie and Gerard Clement, brought their equipment and from 5.30pm on, were uplifting the ambiance with gentle melodies. They were providing relaxation to those who were checking up for the last minute details and making fill welcome, those who were expecting to take part in this noticeable event.

For the last few years the lovers of dance attending the Charity Nights were complaining for not having time to enjoy this lovely expression of serenity, friendship and love which would be a natural part of this yearly gatherings…  In line with their expectation, our organizing committee took the decision to begin our Night at 6.30pm and doing it, providing time for the dancers… But…  the reality…..?

Few longtime friends of this Charity Night appeared in the hall as expected… but the majority of participants, following the ‘established tradition’, made everything to start (as usual!) at 7.30…      Though the dance ‘went for the next rendez-vous’, the atmosphere of family encounter and joy of meeting among the old and new friends of the poor were unchanged!

Our MC, Sinisita Filitoga, in her traditional Wallisian dress, opened our 15th Charity Night with the introduction of our guests of honor beginning with Fr Pedro Opeka, welcoming His Grace Peter Comensoli auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney, Michael Daley MP of NSW Parliament and his wife Christina, Erick Berti General Consul of France with his wife Margaret, Anthony Knox Honorary Consul of Madagascar and his wife Suzanne, John Mac Coll elected representative of French living in Australia with his partner Aylene Frazer and also George Varughese vice president of Ethnic Groups Association of NSW.

The grace said by Bishop Peter Comensoli, and 160 participants went towards two well-furnished buffets to enjoy variety of  Aussie, Greek, Mauritian and French dishes provided by friends of this event, courtesy Marie-Claire Perrine, Francesca Chow, Nadia and Laurent Schwarz from “C’est Si Bon” patisserie at Rose Bay, Didier Sockeel from “Ganache’ patisserie at Castlecrag and “Cassaniti Bakery” at Haberfield.

After all the participants had had enough time to satisfy their culinary appetites appreciating quality of abundant food, Fr Pedro took stage with his moving talk sharing his ‘Akamasoa experience’. (for the text of his speech we can go the ‘Home’ section of this website.)

His very interesting look at our association with his charitable activities was followed by an exceptionally beautiful Central American piece of folkloric art, performed by a troupe of great artistic talents from El Salvador. For more than half an hour they were capturing all attention by an incredibly beautiful performance. They took the audience into the spirit of Salvadorian and Central American culture, expressed through their art! The most admired was the mascot of the troupe, incredibly talented three years old Laurita, who by her gracious movements flowing to the rhythms of music, captured the hearts and minds of all.

I would like to acknowledge the success of our auction of a dozen bottles of an excellent wine provided by ‘Lamonica IGA’ shop at Haberfield. Steve Motte handled  it with great ability adding $667 into the fund of Akamasoa.

For the second year, the Creugnet family was responsible for the lotteries proceedings.

The drawing of the great lottery by Margaret Berti and the ‘lucky door’ one by Christina Daley created an atmosphere of suspense, exultations and disappointments which followed every drawing of tickets according to the position of being a winner or hoping for the next winning number to show…

It was a great joy and honour to see among us the 92 years of age Lily Schmitt and two of the youngest participants, couple months of age: Yolane Gibb and Joseph David Talivakaola.

I would like, on behalf of our beautiful people of Akamasoa and Fr Pedro, to thank all our benefactors and all those who bought these lottery tickets (numbered, perforated, cut and assembled in booklets of ten by our generous friend Ian Liddell from ‘Abian Press’) and in the same time to congratulate the winners of the two lotteries.

These are the prizes with the names of the generous donors and the winning numbers:

1.    Large “Landscape” acrylic painting by Roger Boreham (Archibald & Mosman finalist) p at $3,000.00 donated by the artist.  Won by lottery ticket number: 07561

2.    Panasonic Viera (Led TV 126cm) valued at $1,399.00 donated by Mario & Dina Iunius from «International Ceramics». Won by lottery ticket number: 08980

3.    French steel table with 4 chairs valued at $1,000.00 donated by Maeva & Roger Franchi from «Schmidt Kitchens». Won by lottery ticket number: 01655

4.   Voucher $1,000.00 from Myer – donated by Joseph Nohra. Won by lottery ticket number: 09002

5.   Voucher $500.00 donated by «Cadry’s Persian Carpets Specialists» at Edgecliff valid one year. Won by lottery ticket number: 08822

6.   Voucher $500.00 from Myer – donated by Nadia Fortuné. Won by lottery ticket number: 02374

7.   Wine fridge (Vintec 30SG) with 30 bottles of wine valued at $500.00 donated by «Valore Cellars». Won by lottery ticket: 02461

8.   Did you hear that?” acrylic painting by Louisa Jelavic valued at $480.00 – donated by the artist. Won by lottery ticket number: 01695

9.    Juice extractor valued at $335.00 – donated by Mario & Dina Iunius from «International Ceramics». Won by lottery ticket number: 08232

10. Gourmet hamper valued at $250.00 – donated by Guy Roose from «Apromo Pty Ldt». Won by lottery ticket number: 01498

11. Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until the 28/03/14, donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt. Won by lottery ticket number: 00846

12. Gift Basket valued at $200.00 – donated by Yves Gazy from  «Candlelight Confectionery». Won by lottery ticket number: 09941

 13.  Gift Basket valued at $200.00 – donated by «GJ Food».  Won by lottery ticket number: 06021 

 14.  Gift Basket valued at $100.00 – donated by “Dolci D’oro” at St. Peters. Won by lottery ticket number: 02971

 15.  Gift Basket valued at $100.00 – donated by  «Petersham Liquor Market». Won by lottery ticket number: 08874

 16.  Volta vacuum cleaner valued at $99.00 – donated by Mario & Dina Iunius from «International Ceramics». Won by lottery ticket number: 07532   

This year prizes for the ‘Lucky door’ lottery were provided by: Marie Therese Assaf, Therese and Robin Barnes, Jeannette Beaudoin, Marie Crothers, Clautilde Emraz, Michele Fortin and Anne-Marie and Hubert Puaud.

We are all very grateful to you all for your good heart bringing joy not only to the winners of these precious souvenirs from the Charity Night, but also showing your support to the works of Fr Pedro at Akamasoa!

The excitement of lotteries drawing ended with invitation to taste coffee or tea with abundance of various cakes and some cheeses provided by Ana Abrahamowicz, Marie Claire Perrine, Nadia and Laurent Schwarz from “C’est Si Bon” patisserie at Rose Bay and Didier Sockeel from “Ganache’ patisserie at Castlecrag.

Around 11.30pm all the members of the Committee present at the Night helped by many volunteers, made the hall and the kitchen tidy and ready for the next parish activity.

To our surprise, the garbage bins were not emptied before our event by the responsible person from the parish, but our cleaners were able to squeezed the waist from that night into those bins.

I would like once again to thanks all those who made this 15th Charity Night such a fruitful event with our unique expense of $500 for hiring the Parish Hall which was taken in charge by our friends from the ‘Abruzzi Association of NSW’.

At this moment we have reached almost $57,000 and are hoping to attend the sum of 60!

Fr Pedro proposed that the half of this year raised money could go to provide the rice for the children (7000 little meals a day for them from the primary school!) and the second half for the acquisition of medicines to provide the medical emergency help for the poorest of the poor, coming by hundreds every day from the capital of Madagascar looking for salvation… (Some medical staff in this impoverished city of 2 million habitants often is telling the sick people to go and look for salvation from Fr Pedro at Akamasoa,!)

It is our great honour and privilege that thanks to our little sacrifices and sharing, through the hands of Fr Pedro, God can provide temporary relief, medical help and thanks to the miracle of Charity, bring his Salvation to the poor!

With gratefulness to all the participants present physically or contributing in many ways to the success of our event, I would like to invite already everybody for the 16th Charity Night on the 25th of October 2014 dedicated to the charitable works in the South East of Madagascar under the responsibility of Bishop Benjamin Ramaroson. This time we will try to help him in the construction of the small dispenser (medical center in the bush) or building a primary school… Soon we will know of his final decision.

Yours grateful in Christ:   Fr Jan

14th February 2014 UPDATE

Dear Friends,

Once again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all who have in a variety of ways showed their kindness of heart through their support of the charitable works of Fr Pedro Opeka at Akamasoa in Madagascar.
Your faithful commitment was an expression of your love for the poor through participation in our 15th Charity Night on the 26th of October 2013.
It gave to the poorest of the poor in the capital of Madagascar hope for the continuation of their endeavours to regain their dignity as Human Persons through education and hard work in granite quarries, garbage dumps and in construction as well as the maintenance of Akamasoa.

I am delighted to announce that thanks to your generous personal donations (few not requiring tax deductibility), lottery and sales of artefacts, we have raised $62,946.00… Here in the list below, please find the details of our beautiful helpful hand extended towards our friends at Akamasoa:
1. Personal/business contributions: 38,476.00
2. Loterie : 18,940.00
3. Sales of artefacts : 4,593.00
4. Auction : 667.00
5. Anonymous donations : 270.00

$35,695.00 was deposited into the account of the Catholic Mission in six instalments, to be transferred into the account of Akamasoa (less 5% deducted for administration’s fee, which will come to $33,910.15). $AUD 26,685 has been sent recently to Madagascar and remaining $7200 was transferred on the 20th February 20114 (with $25 transfer fee deduced).
$27,251.00 was transferred to Madagascar directly from SFRCC’s account into the Akamasoa’s account via Caritas Madagascar on the 24th January 2014, without paying any administrative fee.

Our effort from our 15th Charity Night sent to Fr Pedro’s Akamasoa project reached a net total of $61,136.00.

27th November 2013 the Holy Father elevated our liaison person for the South-East of Madagascar, Bishop Benjamin Ramaroson of Farafangana to the post of Archbishop of Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) top north of the Island. Whilst we are looking forward for his successor, we continue this year to support the great works of Fr Pedro Opeka at Akamasoa, Antananarivo.

Yours grateful in Christ: Fr Jan Chrzczonowicz, Chair of SFRCC