19th Charity Night 2017

My Dear Friends!

Our 19th Charity Night can be considered one of our best with just over 200 participants who answered God’s appeal for help for our adopted orphans and abandoned children at Akamasoa in Madagascar!

We were blessed to welcome new people attracted to the idea of sharing God’s blessings with those who were born in a part of the world abandoned to the misery of poor living conditions.

Many months of discussion and working together behind the scenes, brought the organising committee to the moment of final


On Friday 27th of October, at 4pm two teams of volunteers entered the Parish Hall of All Saints at Liverpool to make the venue as welcoming as possible for the Saturday event…

Thanks to the caring attention of the Parish Priest, Fr Paul Monkerud, the hall was already tidy with a shining floor and kitchen ready to be filled with the ‘good things’ for Saturday night. It’s worthy of mention that since he became Parish Priest, we have felt very welcome!

TEAM I, was responsible for the kitchen, under the ‘new management’ of Georgette & Ramon Paltoo, helped by Paul Aloir, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste and Lindsay Marie-Jeanne prepared the fridge and installed two electrical ovens (on lease for the event, courtesy of Mario Iunius from International Ceramics).

On Saturday night they were joined by Nathalie & Jacques Govinden, Danielle & Gervais Joseph and Françoise & Clara Nourdine. Mario Iunius carefully ‘kept on eye’ on the provision of food to the buffet.

This year we greatly appreciated the generosity of those who provided an abundant variety of the best quality food: Nadia & Laurent Schwarz from C’est Si Bon, Paul Aloir, Marcienne Broudou, Pierre Brunet, Francesca Chow, Clivie Clement, Teresa Cuomo, Nathalie & Jacques Govinden, Sabra & Harry Hunt, Danielle & Gervais Joseph, Margaret Joseph, Patricia Joseph, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Roseby Malepa, Maryse & George Maurice, Jacqueline Mavisa, Françoise Nourdine, Eileen Noyeaux, Georgette & Ramon Paltoo, Mirella Paltoo, Monique Paltoo, Mylene Paltoo, Marina Peerbaye, Marie-Claire & Alphons Perrine, Marie Paule Sidonie, Leanne & Didier Sockeel from Ganache and Guariana Moschon & Davide Giada from Caffetteria Italia.

All the participants enjoyed real French baguettes generously offered by Florence & Steve Motte from Label Baguette.

Paul Aloir, Jeannette Beaudoin, Francesca Chow, Sinisita Filitoga, Nathalie & Jacques  Govinden, Jocelyne & Hervé Juste, Georgette & Ramon Paltoo, Marie Claire & Alphonse Perrine provided   items for the distribution of nourishment on the tables.Camilla Creugnet bought ice to keep sea food fresh for the enjoyment of the participants.

Wine for the guests of honour was provided as usual by Valore Cellars and Italian sparkling and flat water at all tables by Lamonica Homewares.

For the first time on all the 30 tables, one bottle of a quality red wine was donated by Carole Castellan from CDC Design & Drafting and Krystelle Vicary from Atmosphere Health Club.

TEAM II, was in charge of the hall preparation under the leadership of Jeannette Beaudoin. It was very well ‘tuned up team’ setting tables, decorating walls and pillars with the stage for DJ. All went smoothly thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers:  Steve Du Casse (with his sons: Jacques & Paris); Sinisita Filitoga; Michele & Bernard Fortin; Mario Iunius; Andrew Jelavic; Danielle & Anne Claire Joseph; Gino Martignago, Maryse & George Maurice; Jennifer, Lenell & Trudie Verity and Hélène & Jean-Louis Worobec.

Beautiful floral decorations for the tables were donated as usual by the ever faithful and generous Alvisio & Lauretta Olivieri from A & L Florist.

Gerard and Kevin Clement, installed the DJ system, transported within a truck made available by Wayne Fairweather of Collins Honda who generously lent it to facilitate the task. On the Charity Night Clivie joined Gerard for the music animation.

Our indefatigable Francesca Chow with a help of Malika & Peter De Zilva, Sharon & John McDivitt, and other friends of hers, successfully ran a stall well-stocked with Francesca’s own home made organic marmalade/jams from her own garden’s fruits, as well as beautiful carnations also from her garden and lot of boxes of many kinds of chocolates from Poland, graciously offered by Wojciech Serafin from Wawel Import Export.



On that evening, from 6 pm the guests began to slowly fill the hall welcomed by Jeannette Beaudoin and those with donations at the door, were issued receipts by Colette Cherval, Sinisita Filitoga, Lise Selvon and Sr Telesia Talalua.

Just after 7 pm Ky Chow, our MC for the event welcomed the guests of honour: Bishop Anthony Randazzo (Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney), Mrs Regina Jurkowska (General Consul of Poland), Mr Antholy Knox (Honorary General Consul of Madagascar) and his wife Suzanne, Mr Pierre-Alexandre Bianconi (Vice-General Consul of France, representing General Consul of France Mr Nicolas Croizer),  Mr John Mac Coll (Honorary Councillor of the French People Abroad in Paris; President of French Assist Charity) and his wife Chantal, Sr Telesia Talalua (assisting the sick people from Wallis and Futuna in Sydney hospitals).

We enjoyed the company of Lily Schmitt (95 years) our senior guest and Asha Marianne (9 month) the youngest among us …

Before the dinner was ready, I presented a short history of Madagascar with a description of today’s situation, pointing out at the wonderful endeavour of Fr Pedro Opeka we are helping in providing him with the financial help to ensure the education of over 13000 children…

Independent auditing from 2016 showed that our help assured about 6 months of schooling (two small bowls of rice with beans a day from Monday to Friday) and basic medication when needed.

After I expressed my gratitude to all the participants as well as to all who contributed to this event, I reminded all of the reward promised by the Lord, who said that even the glass of fresh water offered to the thirsty one will never be forgotten by Him (Mt 10:42) and whatever we do to the poorest one in the world we to it to Him (Mt 25:40).

Then His Lordship Anthony Randazzo blessed our gathering with beautiful words of encouragement to all.

During the meal, going among tables, for the first time we could enjoy incredible talents of our Illusionist (Nino) who made children laughing as well as adults with his performance.

Cecilia Abrams and Sara Aouad made a wonderful presentation with pictures of their ‘ Old Girls from Tangara’  Missionary-Charity Mission in Madagascar last July. They went for two weeks to the Archdiocese of His Grace Archbishop Benjamin Ramaroson at Antsiranana (top end of the Island) where with their own financial means and skils, they founded a beautiful educational centre for the young girls and mums.

Our Elvis (Steve Du Casse) was again a cause of much enjoyment and fun!


All pictures with date on them were taken by Jeannette Beaudoin, those without date by Pierre Bonanza (Mauritius Studio) The photos of the late Bishop Pierre Zévaco by Francesca Chow and those of ‘Old Girls from Tangara’ provided by them.  

Towards the end of the event, enjoying dessert, excitement run very high, when Creugnet Family gave away their last-minute tickets preparation to General Consul of Poland, Mrs Regina Jurkowska for drawing of the great lottery prizes first and after the lucky door one!

I’d like to thank all our prize donors and all those who bought the lottery tickets with intention of helping our poor in Madagascar and to congratulations the winners:

  1. Bowerhaus* Triple Strand White pearl necklace & matching earring set valued at $2500.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee   won by number 7338
  2. Oil painting (“Summer Gestalt” 800x660mm) by David Robert Hill valued at $1600.00 – donated by  the artist.  won by number 6174 
  3. Bowerhaus Triple Strand White pearl necklace & matching earring set valued at $1500.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee,  won by number 6094 
  4. Bowerhaus White round pearls necklace & matching earring set valued at $1000.00 – donated by Elizabeth Lee, won by number 2273 
  5.  Gift Voucher  valued at $687 (3 Nights Midweek in a Superior King Room for 2, including breakfast and Dinner for 2 to the value of $60 at the Peninsula Nelson Bay) valid until 30th, from «Valore Cellars» won by number 6751 
  6.  Voucher $500.00 donated by «Cadry’s Persian Carpets Specialists» at Edgecliff valid one year. Won by number 8122 
  7.  Voucher $500.00 from Myer – donated by Nadia Fortuné, won by number 8106 
  8.  Voucher $500.00 from Lamonica Homewares at Haberfield donated by Dina & Mario Iunius from International Ceramics, won by number 1749
  9.  Gourmet hamper valued at $280.00 – donated by Guy Roose from «Apromo Pty Ldt».  Won by number 3110
  10.  Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/18; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, won by number 1531
  11. Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/18; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, won by number 5222
  12. Gift Basket valued at $150.00 – donated by «GJ Food».  Voucher valued at $200.00 for ‘Bella Fonte’ Restaurant at Comfort Inn Hunts Liverpool valid until 31/01/18; donated by Sybra & Harry Hunt, won by number 2704  
  1. “Dolci D’oro” humper valued at $150.00 – donated by ‘Sweet House Confectionery Pty Ltd’ , won by number 5613
  2. Oil painting (“Ghost Crab”) by Louise De Marco Jelavic valued at $120 – donated by the artist, won by number 6665 
  3. Gift Basket valued at $120.00 – donated by «Petersham Liquor Market». Won by number 1013
  4. 2 Vouchers each valued at $50.00 donated by «Ganache Pâtisserie Française» at Castlecrag, won by number 6946                                   

The lucky door prizes were provided by our generous friends: Jeannette Beaudoin, Francesca Chow, Anne-Marie Puaud, Nadia & Laurent Schwarz and Lise Selvon.

Once again, I’d like to express my gratitude to our SFRCC organising Committee… Their dedication, hard work and perseverance with God’s help, made this event such a beautiful success, without forgetting all those who came and those who contributed through their donations.

Our only expense was $500 for the Parish Hall hire.

Up today our generous response to this year appeal in details:

Donations…………………………46,185.50                                            Lottery……………………………..18,920.00                                                                                                    Participants contributions…… …18,420.00                                            Sales…………………………………2,336.50                                                                                                           TOTAL:                                            85,862.00 

Hopefully one day we all who participate in this wonderful endeavour will hear from our Lord: “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Mt 25,23). I’m sure, that there is no greater recognition that HIS!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Fr Jan


On the 3rd of January 2018  the sum of AUD 65,382.00   (EUR 40,196.85) was         transferred from SFRCC account to the Akamasoa account.

The rest of 19th Charity Night raised fund ($19980 less 10% for the administration fee, ie: $17982) will be transferred in due time from the Catholic Mission account to Akamasoa account.